-SKIFIJA- Feet 2+2 Capricious Joy heels ( multicolor )

This package includes Tip-Toe Bare Feet and Capricious Joy Heels ( + multicolor) for viewer version 3 and above.
Feet — rigged mesh. Elements of the feet is connected and fixed to a single point on your avatar.
Also set for the feet is attached to the skeleton and has mobility in conjunction with the ankle.

This version is ideal for shape avatar Standard Sizing:
[ S — Body Fat: 7; Leg Muscle: 50; Knee Angle = 50; ],
[ M — Body Fat: 11; Leg Muscle: 56; Knee Angle = 50; ],
[ L — Body Fat: 24; Leg Muscle: 69; Knee Angle = 50; ],
[ X_S — Body Fat: 5; Leg Muscle: 45; Knee Angle = 50; ],
[ X_X_S — Body Fat: 0; Leg Muscle: 40; Knee Angle = 50; ],
also variant: Body Fat = 0; Leg Muscles = 50~100; Knee Angle = 50;

Our products high quality, original mesh and texture for the legs and shoes, also we give suggested settings for popular manufacturers SL skin.
We do not claim that this is the final version for settings, you have the opportunity of broad changes color and textures with our professional HUD from Skifija or use standart settings.
For the time being we use data transfer only from the server SL, this in our opinion, eliminates the possible risks during data transmission from outsider servers.

Included configure settings for skins colors for 7 popular brands in SL
You can read this file !Skifija Feet customized color, it is in the package .
or wear in inventory !Skifija HUD v.12 and press the appropriate buttons.
Warning! Setting feet high complexity, but it is only once, and all subsequent shoes from Skifija of series 2 +2 suitable for your feet. In addition, you will have the perfect connecting feet and lower leg and maximum compatibility with the color of your skin Avatar
!!! But in extreme cases, you can contact the manufacturer goran Osterham in world, keep in mind I’m talking to the translator but I help you in any way.
As an variant, you have to tell me the full name for skin of your avatar, give me Landmark, where you bought it,
I buy a demo version and make settings for you personally.

! Try before you buy demo version, to the right the link, below button Buy Now >> https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DEMO-SKIFIJA-Feet-22-Capricious-Joy-heels-multicolor/4732580?id=4732580&slug=DEMO-SKIFIJA-Feet-22-Capricious-Joy-heels-multicolor

To edit the feet and shoes Use the HUD — !Skifija HUD v.12 .
HUD contains:
— Scale Option for shoe
— Position Option for shoe
— Rotation Option for shoe
— Color Option
— Texture option
— Shiny option for shoe
— Glow option for shoe
— WalkSound Option for shoe
— Delete script Option

For assistance in use HUD:

link to marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SKIFIJA-Feet-22-Capricious-Joy-heels-multicolor/4732701?id=4732701&slug=SKIFIJA-Feet-22-Capricious-Joy-heels-multicolor

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