!Skifija Hand v.0.1


This package includes Hand v.0.1(women’s) for viewer version 3 and above.
Hand — partially liquid mesh and has mobility in conjunction with the wrist.

link to marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Skifija-Hand-v01/5668854

Please, if you are not sure, use the DEMO package before you buy: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DEMOSkifija-Hand-v01/5668814

Attention! In this version you can resize for hands, using the appearance settings,
Scheme — Appearance> Edit shape > Torso > Hand size.
it is made to fit the proportions of the body, but not solve the problem of standard sizes,
because it does not provide sufficient accuracy connection feet and lower leg.
This version is ideal for shape avatar Standard Sizing:
[ S — Body Fat: 7; Torso Muscle: 35 ],
[ M — Body Fat: 11; Torso Muscle: 38 ],
[ L — Body Fat: 24; Torso Muscle: 48],
[ XS — Body Fat: 5; Torso Muscle: 31],
[ XXS — Body Fat: 0; Torso Muscle: 21],

Included mixer layer — full perm
! it’s important ! The mixer layer has the texture that provides a smooth transition from the texture hands to the texture wrist you have the possibility of very thin skin color settings using the standard settings.

Included mixer layer for Wrist&LowerLeg and UV textures for creators, you can use them to create your options textures for nails, skin and socks.
Add HUD for creators skins and nails — !Skifija HUD Nails&Skin for Hand&Feet (creators) (see in package)

License: Textures and other parts that come from !Skifija collection can be used as templates for the development of your products. Texture and other parts that come from !Skifija Collection full resolution, you can sell / transfer as part of your product with the obligatory reference to !Skifija Collection and attach this License when transferring to another owner. You can not change the content and the names of our products when transferred to another owner, as well as to sell / transfer our products outside of Second Life.

To edit the hand and feet Use the HUD — !Skifija HUD v.12.S .
HUD contains:
— Color Option
— Texture option
— Delete script Option

Sequence for fine-tuning for skin:
1. Wear Alpha Layer on your avatar from inventory.
2. Wear HUD from inventory.
3. Wear hands from inventory.
4. In HUD press button — Skin, You see textures for skin, choose and remember number texture.
5. In palette choose color for skin Your avatar. You can use buttons fine-tuning HSL, that are located below the palette.
6. Wear mixer layer from inventory , corresponding to the number of the texture that you have chosen in HUD, Click right button mouse on mixer layer in Your inventory and choose Edit.
7. You see two windows for choose textures and color.
Make skin color settings for your avatar using a window — color/tint, just enter color values HSL,
that you got in HUD for Hue, Saturation and Luminance.
8, Press button Save.

— Using a «Delete» function
Choose Button for HUD — Del scenario, you will see a pop-up menu, then click Yes, Delete and it will clear the main scenario in the shoes.

!!! But in extreme cases, you can contact the manufacturer goran Osterham in world, keep in mind I’m talking to the translator but I help you in any way.

For assistance in use HUD:


link to marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SKIFIJA-Feet-mens-22-Socks-2-Mobsters-shoes-black/5517020

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