Lace Cloak
Leather Corset
Leather Underpants
Leather Pants
Lace Gloves
Ankle Boots — only copy

Included are two variants for ankleboots. One variant is attached to the ankle joint with invisible Prims, he has no indication in the title. The second variant is attached to the foot and ankle and has the appropriate title. In any case, just wear from the inventory is one of the variants. This is done to improve your ability to use these boots.
Built-in Foot Fixer to keep your legs from bending at awkward angles when using AO and Poses, by default, this function works when you dress boots. You can also enable and off Foot fixer entering the chat command «fix on» or «fix off», without quotation marks respectively ).

fix on
fix off

If you use the second version of the viewer, then you have the option to hide the invisible Prims. To do this, Step 1 — wear extra layer — Alpha Mask for Viewer 2, it is enclosed in a package with shoes. Step 2 — Invisible Prims reduced to a size precluding their visibility, the opportunity provided in the menu section resizing.
To be changed size, position, rotation your new wear-out in valuable this, then worried this (clisk left mouse button on the right shoe (Foot)), You see the menu, what help You to install the excellent size, position, rotation and more functions for your entailment.
menu contains:
— Scale Option
— Position Option
— Rotation Option
well as
Remote Control Function
Pose function.
Revert function.
Menu On/Off function
Delete function

link to marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SKIFIJA-Absinth-OUTFIT-BLACK-LEATHER/1219384

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