-SKIFIJA- Full Speed TORNADO ( million colors )

This package contains shoes for the viewer of version 2, as well as a supplement in the form of invisible prims to viewers earlier, If you use the second version of the viewer, it is not necessary to wear invisible prims.
Foot Fixer Built-in in INVISIBLE_Foot -Skifija-, to keep your legs from bending at awkward angles when using AO and Poses, by default, this function works when you dress Invisa prims. You can also enable and off Foot fixer entering the chat command «fix on» or «fix off», without quotation marks respectively ).

fix on
fix off

To edit the shoes Use the !Skifija HUD version 7.7.12 for -Full Speed TORNADO-, it’s in the package.
HUD contains:
— Scale Option
— Position Option
— Rotation Option
— Shiny Option —
— Glow Option —
— Color Option — !!! This version is available -1000000 colors for All parts !!!
— WalkSound Option
— Delete script Option

— You can change each shoe individually, as well as both boot.
— You can change the color of the individual parts of the shoe, as well as adjust the color of the skin of the foot, HUD contains a button — Sample Color / Tuning Color for it.

!!! Do not forget to make a backup !!!
— Using a Sound Walk — To adjust the sound of heels you can select the button for Sound Walk in the HUD, as well as when you click on the right shoe without using HUD. In any case, You see a menu with the buttons for settings.

link to marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SKIFIJA-Full-Speed-TORNADO-million-colors/2900867

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