Feet 2 + 2 Heels



This package includes feet and shoes for viewer second life version 3 and above.
Feet — rigged mesh. Elements of the feet is connected and fixed to a single point on your avatar.
Also set for the feet is attached to the skeleton and has mobility in conjunction with the ankle.
The set includes high heel shoes — sculpt. You can remove and wear shoes but the feet remain on your avatar and you can do walking barefoot.

To edit the feet and shoes Use the HUD — !Skifija HUD billion COLORS version 9.0.
HUD contains:
— Scale Option
— Position Option
— Rotation Option
— Color Option —
— Texture option
— WalkSound Option
— Delete script Option
Hud contains ability to change textures of the feet and toenails.
You have a variety of 20 feet and 18 toenails textures to choose from.

Included shoe shape — modifiable and you have the ability to independently adjust the height of the heel and platform which will take away the effect of floating/walking in the air.


link to marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SKIFIJA-Feet-2-2-Heels/3252923

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