This package includes flat bare feet for viewer version 3 and above.
Feet — rigged mesh. Elements of the feet is connected and fixed to a single point on your avatar.
Also set for the feet is attached to the skeleton and has mobility in conjunction with the ankle.

!!! This version bare feet work if chek on lights and shadows.

This version is ideal for shape avatar with the parameters:
Body Fat = 0; Leg Muscles = 50~100; Knee Angle = 50;
we do not stop this working and will be an additional version for bare feet, Watch for new releases.
There is also an opportunity to make an order for an individual bare feet under the avatar shape,
for this you must go to Goran Osterham in the world, give him full perm shape for Your Avatar .
Cost of services tailor-made L $ 10,000. Term of execution 1-2 days.

To edit the feet and shoes Use the HUD — !Skifija HUD v.9.2 for Flat Feet (MEN’S).
HUD contains:
— Color Option —
— Texture option
— Delete script Option
Hud contains ability to change textures of the feet and toenails.
You have a variety of 8 feet and 16 toenails textures to choose from.

For assistance in use HUD: http://secondskifija.com/?page_id=92

— Using a «Delete» function
Choose Button for HUD — Del scenario, you will see a pop-up menu, then click Yes, Delete and it will clear the main scenario in bare feet.

Included shoe shape — modifiable and you have the ability to independently adjust the height of the heel and platform which will take away the effect of floating/walking in the air.

Sequence settings:
1. Wear Alpha Layer — «Alpha Mask_16 for Viewer 2» on your avatar from inventory.
2. Wear bare feet and the shape shoes on your avatar from inventory.
3. Wear HUD from inventory.
4. Click right button mouse on shape shoes in Your inventory and choose Edit.
5. In the window Appearance that appears, click button Shoes.
6. Make skin color settings for your avatar using a window — color/tint.
7. Remember value HSL for color/tone what You were and type the value HSL by means of buttons — tuning/sample color in HUD
8. If necessary, replace texture for shape shoes, replace them in window Appearanse — Shoes — Fabric.
This Textures for shape shoes are additionally included in Your inventory.
In HUD select a texture for bare feet with a corresponding index number.
Index number Textures for shape shoes must match for index number texture of the feet in HUD.


link to video support for color/tint bare feet >>>

link to marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SKIFIJA-Flat-Bare-feet-MENS-RIGGED-MESH/3615926

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