-SKIFIJA- Black Sting boots Rigged Mesh

-SKIFIJA- Black Sting boots rigged mesh for viewer version 3 and above.

This version boots is made on the principle — wear and go!

Black Sting boots — five Standard Sizing;
Alpha layer — modifiable;
Texture for Alpha layer — modifiable;
Shoe shape — modifiable and you have the ability to independently adjust the height of the heel and platform which will take away the effect of floating/walking in the air.
HUD Sound Walk. Please wear the HUD, press Button for Sound Walk, you will see a popup menu with appropriate buttons for actions.

link to marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SKIFIJA-Black-Sting-boots-Rigged-Mesh/3856830?id=3856830&slug=SKIFIJA-Black-Sting-boots-Rigged-Mesh

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