HUD Support

Use HUD. Part 1.
1. Wear HUD from inventory
2. Click button Both Shoes

3. Click button Position

4. Click button on the left side HUD, this arrows, they provide an opportunity to move your shoes on the three axes X, Y, Z with great accuracy.

5. Once you’ve got a good connect of foot and leg of your avatar, click on the button to scale and resize a boot to the desired. It is possible that after scaling you have to go back to the positioning, it is done as in the preceding paragraph — 4.

6. Next step — setting color of your feet. Go to section — Choose parts. Click button Skin.

7. Go to section — Choose color. You see samples of color or palette for color selection.

8. To change variants choices color, press button — sample color/tuning color. It is located in a section of fine-tuning the color.

9. You also have ability to maximally adjust the color with the buttons HSV.

buttons parameter H on the palette, move cursor in the horizontal direction.

buttons parameter S on the palette, move cursor in the vertical direction.

buttons parameter V on the palette, changing the tone of your color.

10. Preservation of color occurs when you click on button Save color. Button looks like an arrow. Saved by the color of will be located in a square button.

learn more, go to Part 2.>>>

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