— SKIFIJA — Extreme Platform Boots (multicolor)

-SKIFIJA- Extreme Platform Boots rigged mesh for viewer version 3 and above.

This version is ideal for shape avatar Standard Sizing:
[ S — Body Fat: 7; Leg Muscle: 50; Knee Angle = 50; ],
[ M — Body Fat: 11; Leg Muscle: 56; Knee Angle = 50; ],
[ L — Body Fat: 24; Leg Muscle: 69; Knee Angle = 50; ],
[ X_S — Body Fat: 5; Leg Muscle: 45; Knee Angle = 50; ],
[ X_X_S — Body Fat: 0; Leg Muscle: 40; Knee Angle = 50; ]

-SKIFIJA- Extreme Platform Boots — L, M, S, X_S, X_X_S size;
Alpha layer — modifiable;
Texture for Alpha layer — modifiable;
Shoe shape — modifiable and you have the ability to independently adjust the height of the heel and platform which will take away the effect of floating/walking in the air.

To edit the feet and shoes Use the HUD — !Skifija HUD for Extreme Platform Boots.
HUD contains:
— Color Option —
— Texture option + 4 textures for Sole, + 4 textures for Top part.
— WalkSound Option for shoe
— Delete script Option

For assistance in use HUD:

There is also an opportunity to make a personal order for unusual shapes avatar
for this you need to contact Goran Osterham in the world, to give him a full permission form for your avatar.
The cost of services of individual L $ 10,000. Deadline for 1-2 days.

link to marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SKIFIJA-Extreme-Platform-Boots-milticolor/4174355?id=4174355&slug=SKIFIJA-Extreme-Platform-Boots-milticolor

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