How Many Pairs of Shoes is Too Many?

There is no shame if you love shoes way too much than you ought to. Shoes are a common obsession not just among women but among men as well. If you could afford all the shoes in the world money could buy, you could end up with a closet, if not a room full of shoes much like shoe-loving celebrities like Khaled Mohamed Khaled better known as DJ Khaled and his wife Nicole. His love for sneakers is shown in the wooden display of 14 levels complete with a ladder to access the top shelves dedicated to the shoe collections in their home.

Another celebrity who has an impressive shoe collection is Oprah Gail Winfrey who is known as an American media executive, actress, and talk show host, among others. Celebrities and shoe enthusiasts like Oprah who own more than a hundred pairs of shoes have a dedicated walk-in closet for their beloved kicks and heels. It is another home inside their homes as these shoe closets include a tv, comfort room, and even a bar. It is truly every shoe lovers’ dream.

So as a regular person that has no walk-in closet of your own just for shoes, how would you know that you have too many shoes?

Checklist: Do I have too many pairs of shoes?


One of the many indicators of having too many pairs of shoes is you are out of space, no matter how big your place is if you have too many shoes lying around chances are they will be cluttered especially if you do not know how to organize.

Tough Choices

Have you ever found yourself being late to a dinner party because you cannot choose between your 4 colors of stiletto heels? Indecisiveness aside, chances are you own too much variety of the same heels and it is becoming hard to make a simple choice of what to wear on certain occasions.

Haven’t worn that in a while

There will always be a pair of shoes at the back of your closet you haven’t worn in a while and that is normal. It might be ill-fitting and it is too sentimental or too expensive to let go. But having 3 or more pairs you have not worn in a long time is an indicator that you have got to let some shoes go because you have way too much. If you have shoes that are past their best and you just can’t get them clean, then maybe it’s time to say goodbye, no matter how much sentimental value they hold?!


The most important indicator whether you have too many pairs of shoes is when you have gone broke over shoe shopping. Yes, that pretty heels might be on sale or that limited edition boot is the last pair on the market, but if you have been swiping your card and maxing your limits over a pair of shoes you do not even know where or when you are going to wear is a red flag and an indicator you own a bit too much. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself with a pair every once in a while just make sure to keep your finances in check.

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