Where Should I Put My Shoes?

There is a saying that you can never have too many shoes, and even if you are the type of person who is not particular in shoe shopping, or just generally not interested in shoe styles, you most definitely have more than 2 pairs of shoes. Nobody is to blame for this circumstance as different shoe types have different purposes in our day to day lives.

You need a pair of shoes for work or school, for gym practice, for formal occasions, for casual everyday wear, for going outdoors, for summer, for winter. We even need different running shoes if you choose to do your running indoors on a treadmill, on the road or on tracks. We acquire plenty of shoes that we tend to just chuck them all in a box or a cabinet until you need to use them again. On some occasions, all of your shoes are just lying around on the floor, getting kicked when you hurry out on the door.

Regardless of your shoe situation, here are some tips on where and how to store your shoes.

Keep your shoes off the floor

Having all of your shoes on the floor seems to be the easiest way to use and store them at the same time. But having them lying on the floor risks ruining them. Shoes will be harder to find when they are just thrown in a heap or lying around in an unorganized space. They tend to be kicked when you are in a rush looking for the right pair to wear.

Avoid storing shoes in wire racks

Avoid getting wire racks to store your shoes. If you think that wire racks let your shoes breathe, well that is not the proper solution. Wire racks will stack your shoes unevenly and may cause deformity and breakage on the soles of your delicate shoes. It is also hard to organize them.

Use clear shoe boxes with lids

Clear shoe boxes are a great solution to your shoe organization problem. It will be easier to pick out shoes when you know what you are looking at. Visibility is the key to making sure that everything is used and none are tucked away into a corner, never to be used again. If you have plenty of shoes to store, get the stackable ones to save space even more.

Store flats, sandals, and slip-on in over-the-door organizers

Aside from the shoes that you need to store as you do not frequently use them, you will need a dedicated over-the-door organizer for your frequently used shoes such as flats, or slip-on. This will prevent you from confusing your shoes when you are in a hurry. There are also so many other uses for these organizers, you really can never have too many!

Store boots upright

Storing boots are a different thing. You will need to store them upright and not into the confines of a shoebox. It is best to save up space where they could stand with the support of a shoe shaper.

Sort shoes into categories

When you finally have your shoe storage solution, you will need to categorize your shoes not just for their style but for the frequency you use them.

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